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Methadone Pregnancy Info

Sharon Dembinski, PNP,CMA

Meet Sharon Dembinski!

Sharon is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Certified Methadone Advocate and Lead Developer of the Program "Mother's on Methadone" (MOM) at Kent Hospital in Rhode Island. We are so excited that Sharon is now hosting her very own page:  Methadone Pregnancy Info & Support!

Sharon became a Recovery and Methadone Advocate when she discovered her son's addiction to heroin and realized what the mother's and father's of some of her patients were going through as well. After a one year struggle, 5 rehab admissions and 3 overdoses, her son finally achieved a sustained recovery and has maintained that recovery for the past 2 years.

Sharon decided to try and help others and learned all she could about the effectiveness of MMT as well as the problems that exist in the system. She had found her calling and became a Certified Methadone Advocate. She started working on a proposal for the Mothers On Methadone (MOM) Program at the hospital where she worked as a Nurse Practitioner in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. She discovered that at some hospitals MMT patients were only allowed to visit their babies one hour a day. Sharon knew that this would not be beneficial for the maternal-newborn bonding that is so essential for both Mother and baby.

After a year, the "MOM" program was finally approved and is now up and running at almost it's full potential. "MOM" supports and educates Mothers on MMT or those dependent on opioids for pain management. The highlights of the program are:

> Prenatal support and education consultation with a healthcare professional specializing in methadone, pregnancy and the newborn where all the important aspects of pregnancy, MMT, neonatal abstinence syndrome and breastfeeding are discussed.

> A counseling and assessment session with a social worker who can offer assistance to link the mother with all necessary community agencies, cost-free classes including childbirth, infant care, breastfeeding and infant CPR.

>Parents can enroll their babies in a Nursery Volunteer Program that is includes cuddlers to fill in during the times the baby's family is not available.

>With the goal of promoting bonding and educational opportunities in mind, prolonged parental visits are encouraged and supported with cafeteria vouchers that are available for those who may need them.

The "MOM" Program has been welcomed with open arms by both the community treatment programs and the patients who utilize it. It's main goal, to offer compassionate, stigma-free care and assistance is being met!

I am also honored and grateful that Sharon is now on our Board of Advisors here at Methadone Support Org.!


*I usually don't put letters we receive on the website, but this one is an exception!*

Dear Sharon,

On June 7, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The reason I'm writing to you is because I wondered for most of my pregnancy whether my baby would go through withdrawal when she was born. I looked to your website for other women's experiences, and was heartened to read that women who took split doses of methadone during their pregnancies (which I did) were less likely to have babies who went through withdrawal soon after birth.

Well, my daughter was kept for observation, with me, in the hospital for four extra days to see if she would have any signs of withdrawal. Each day, she scored a 0 or 1 on the NAS. I just wanted to write you and let you know of another case in which a mother on a split dose (since her fourth month) gave birth to an infant who had no signs whatsoever of withdrawal. The doctor said that if anything, she was an especially alert, even-tempered little girl.

Thank you for your website, its information, and the quick correspondence I received from you when I wrote you during my pregnancy.

All my best,

Anonymous Happy Mommy


This site is Not Intended for and Does Not Give Medical Advice....  Please Read More

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3/15/13  -  Generic Suboxone!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) informed the maker of the opioid addiction treatment Suboxone that it has approved two generic versions of the drug, according to Reuters. The company, Reckitt Benckiser, had asked the agency to block the generic products because of concerns over pediatric poisonings.

Reckitt asked the FDA to refuse applications from generic drug makers unless they adopted stricter packaging standards. The FDA decided there was not enough evidence to support the need for stricter packaging, Reuters notes.

The agency said it received comments that Reckitt’s request was an anti-competitive practice, and will refer the company to the Federal Trade Commission.

The company voluntarily withdrew the sale of Suboxone tablets in the United States, and instead is selling individually sealed film strips, which melt under the tongue. Reckitt said tablets posed a risk of poisoning for children who accidentally got hold of them.

In a statement, Reckitt noted it “is disappointed with the decision but will continue to work with the FDA on safety enhancements.” The company said it will carry on with the decision to discontinue the sale of tablets of Suboxone in the United States.

1/02/13  -  2013!!

I'm hoping everyone had a very safe and happy holiday season. Wishing you a very happy and HEALTHY New Year.....nothing but GOOD....everything you dream of for you and yours!

The holidays can be lonely.....and hard for folks in recovery...including myself. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank those that have sent donations (see donation button above). MSO is the worldwide resource for Methadone Anonymous....and thus far all the work and bills come straight out of my pocket. Soooooo...without pestering our members....please know that times are tough and I ain't getting any younger, lol! ANYTHING would help...even a few bucks! Thanks!....Carol

10/9/12  -  WE'RE HOPPING NOW!!  

It's been taking me forever, but I'm FINALLY updating the entire website! Have a look around....there's new stuff on MOST of the pages. Summer is over and the forums are again waking up (looked like a ghost town for awhile :O) I even added a new page to the menu...something that should have been here long ago (Thanks, Sharon Dembinski!!).....What is Methadone?


Wishing everyone a very safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend! We will soon have our new MA medallions on sale and if you look above you will see a brand new "DONATIONS" button for Paypal. At this point everything having to do with this website, Methadone Support Org (MSO) and Methadone Anonymous (MA)comes out of my pocket. Please feel free to use our new Donations button freely, lol.....

4/28/12  -  MR. WILLIAM WHITE!!


We are proud and honored to have selections from Mr. White's most favorite papers on our ADVOCACY PAGE! His newest paper is an interview with Rolando Torres...super advocate Lisa Torres's (passed away recently) husband. Come check it out! Thanks so much, William!

4/28/12  -  VEGAS, BAAAAAABY!!

We just returned from Las Vegas earlier this week...the 2012 AATOD Conference! Anyone that attended...we would LOVE your comments in our newest AATOD Forum. Anything would be fine.....a workshop you enjoyed (or not, lol)....what you thought of the venue, etc.

3/27/12  -  UNSTOPPABLE!

Come to our ADVOCACY page and read about Chasity, Liz, Adriana and Gheisha.... UNSTOPPABLE!


If you would like your project or something advocacy related on our Advocacy page....just drop me an email and let me know. The more the merrier! Thanks, Unstoppable....for all you do!


MA continues to grow by leaps and bounds!!!! Not only are we getting new meetings all the time in the USA....but we have been contacted and set up so many different countries that I've lost track. That said we have been very busy in the the point that we added an MSO director, Philip Field. It was he that contacted me about adding an MA director in his area....Mark Tiller ( "MarkyBoy" at forums)

Mark Tiller  -  UK MA Director

Come check out our ADVOCACY page for Mark's "story"...also welcome him at the MA forums!


Patients from Methadone clinics in Tennessee were given notices this past Thursday.....saying....

"As you might be aware,The Tennessee Department Of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities has proposed significant changes to the rules that govern your treatment(Chapter #0940-05-42: Minimum Program Requirements For Non-Residential Opioid Treatment Program Facilities).The proposed rulemaking process is already underway.

Everyone needs to write to their governor, senators, the state capital, to let them know how much our treatment and clinic means to you."

Go to our URGENT ISSUES! page and scroll down. You will see info on both Indiana and Pennsylvania...when they were going through the same issues. Thank G-d the laws never passed. That said....I keep waiting for the other boot to drop, sigh.



"It took AIDS activists 21 years to get Congress to restore federal funding for local programs that supply clean needles to drug users. It's taken Republicans a couple of months of hardball negotiations to get the ban reinstated."

Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle, Dec 25, 2011

It was sticks and ashes in our stockings this year from the GOP, but we're not going to wait another five years to get the federal ban on syringe access funding lifted again! Our GOP opponents, teh White House, and our too-soft supporters in Congress are all going to be hearing from us loud and clear over the coming months. Our first step is to let those who led the charge know we are watching, and holding them responsible.

Speaker John Boehner (OH- R) and Chairman Hal Rogers (KY- R) are the two Members of Congress most responsible for reinstating the ban on the use of federal funds for syringe exchange. Please join us in letting them know we strongly object to their actions by signing this petition today, and please spread this alert far and wide.

They will deliver them in person with as many signatures as possible by February 15!


First things first...wishing you all a very happy and HEALTHY New Year!


HOPEFULLY I will keep my New Year's get here no matter how I'm feeling to keep us updated on a regular basis! (that's the "HEALTHY" part of my greetings, lol!) Unfortunately, these last couple of years have been filled with a lot of grief....and a heaping side order of bad health! Enough of that, right?!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back one of our most favorite Forum Directors....Mike Scott - aka "Mike9158"

Mike Scott ("Mike9158")

Mike was our Forum Director here at MSO for a few years and was always there for everyone. He recently took time off ....had open heart surgery and is now back with us. Click on Mike's head above and come to the forums to welcome back Mike and wish him Godspeed in his recovery!


Jessica Silansky, CMA

Jessica Silansky is a Certified Methadone Advocate (CMA), a certified Hepatitis C Educator and a Substance Abuse Counselor. Jessica’s most recent position was in Springfield, Massachusetts as a Case Manager for clients with the Disease of Addiction. Jessica is a graduate of Westfield State College Addiction Counselor Education Program. Jessica resides in the Springfield, Massachusetts area where she is currently spending time with her family and is a full time college student working on her ultimate goal of a masters degree in Counseling Psychology.

Jessica first came to seeking advice about pregnancy and methadone for herself and she has been here ever since. Her special interest in methadone and pregnancy drove her to expand her knowledge and she attended the New England School of Addiction Studies where she took classes in methadone and pregnancy. Jessica has been studying under Sharon Dembinski (a well known expert in this field) and learning all she can while she filled the role of Pregnancy Support Specialist for the site.

After finding recovery back in January 2005 Jessica found her calling and discovered her passion- Substance Abuse Counseling. It was through the death of someone very close to her that she came to realize that she needed to seek recovery and change her life. Jessica has had two babies while in treatment on methadone and is grateful for her recovery and the lifesaving medication that assisted her in maintaining her recovery and assuring the healthy outcomes to both her pregnancies. Jessica felt so strongly about methadone maintenance treatment that she traveled to the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOD) convention in New York City in April of 2009 where she attended the course to become a Certified Methadone Advocate (CMA).

Jessica quickly realized that her true calling within her passion of substance abuse counseling was methadone and pregnancy. She loves working with all the women that find our site in need of support, education and facts. Jessica plans to be here for a long time to come and working on our pregnancy support forum is a tremendous joy for her. Sharon Dembinski asked Jessica to serve as site Administrator a few months ago and Jessica accepted that role.

Sharon remains on as Expert Consultant and is available to Jessica 24/7!

We at MSO are proud and grateful to have Jessica here!


Visit Rally for Recovery! Online today and pass it on to a friend! 

Are you going to an event this Saturday? How did yours go? Join Faces & Voices at our Rally for Recovery! Online 2010 web site -- Share your Recovery Month activities and check out what's going on all over the country!  
Rally online with hundreds of thousands of recovery advocates nationwide! 
  • Add your number of years in recovery to the growing tally
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  • Tweet from your events so everyone knows what's happening in realtime
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  • Send us your press coverage and read about other events in the news.

If you're on the East Coast, join Faces & Voices on September 25th in Philadelphia for this year's national hub event – PRO-ACT's Recovery Walks!  Join the Honor Guard of hundreds of people with over ten years of recovery; Recovery Delegates from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia selected by A&E's The Recovery Project; honored guests including Bill White, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Lucile O’Neal and key federal and local officials including White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske, SAMHSA/Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Director Dr. Westley Clark, Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter and others as we walk through the streets of historic Philadelphia and speak out for recovery. We hope to see you there or online! 


I am THRILLED to announce that starting immediately we now have a new Methadone Anonymous (MA) Director....Abby Coulter. Abby brings with her tons of 12 step and Medication Assisted Treatment experience and we are very fortunate. Many of you have sent emails with different requests pertaining to MA and unfortunately did not get a reply. That's because I was so overwhelmed trying to do everything...poorly, lol. In the next days and weeks I will be forwarding your emails to her, but again ask for your continued patience as we try to catch up. I understand that many of you are in need of "chips" and we are working on that as we speak as well. Abby has also been my main volunteer helping to answer emails for months now (thank you! thank you! thank you!)

Abby Coulter
New MA Director

We also have a new Director at our community of Support Forums....Donna Kloppenburg (aka "MTGIRL"). Our forums are probably our most popular resource here at the MSO her position can often times be very busy. Donna has been a member at our forums almost since we opened them. Donna brings a wealth of information about HCV and chronic pain.

Donna Kloppenburg
Forum Director

Please help me welcome Abby and Donna! They are volunteering lots of time and the pay sucks, lol!

4/18/10  -  KELIN J. STRASSER 1957-2010

The past couple years of mine and my daughter's life have been filled with grief, sigh...there's just no easy way to say it. We expect our parents to get older...sometimes sick and to eventually die before we do. Still, it was devestating to have lost my mother a year or so daughter's "Bubbie" (see below 11/29/08). But what happened recently was so sudden....and so unnecessary.

My daughter, her father (my "ex" - Kelin) and myself all had stomach flu. Maya and I started to feel better, but Kelin seemed to be just getting worse. We knew something was really wrong when he started acting really goofy...talking nonsense....trying to put his socks on over his shoes, etc. Recently his legs had also gotten more and more swollen, so I finally had to call an ambulance to be able to even get him to the hospital emergency room. What we eventually found out would rock our world....leave Maya without a father at 14 years old....and me without my best friend for the past 17 years or so.

Kelin had been on Medication Assisted Treatment for many years and had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C at his methadone clinic, about 20 years ago. He was told that altho he had the virus that he was fine....and never followed up on it. The ironic thing is that before I started MSO, I was President of a non-profit for HCV. I yelled at him countless times over the years to take care of himself....get a physical, etc...but he was a big boy and insisted that he was fine. Kelin didn't have stomach flu...he was diagnosed with "end stage liver disease" that day in the ER. 2 months later he was gone...that fast...and NOBODY should have to die the way he did. I took care of him at home until he got too sick, and then he went into inpatient Hospice for about 3 weeks...until he passed away a couple of months ago. In that 3 weeks his entire body shut down...starting with his liver. He was only 52 years old and his heart was still strong...unfortunately...because he hung on and hung on...until his heart finally stopped. It was so horrible...can't even find the words.

I am telling our story because his death was so preventable...if only he had followed up on his HCV....or even gone to the Dr's at some point. Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I can now see so many things that just weren't right. I'll tell you one thing...I got my little tooshie to the Dr's and had a ton of bloodwork done a couple of weeks ago...had them check EVERYTHING!

If you haven't been checked for HCV...PLEASE do it! It's a very easy big thang. If you have been tested and are positive...take good care of yourself...get regular check-ups. Most folks with HCV will die with the virus and not from it. For more information on HCV CLICK HERE.

Rest in peace, baaaaaaby! As much as we aggrevated the hell out of each other - you are sooooo missed!

Kelin J. Strasser


Wow...I had no idea until just now that the website hasn't been updated since last May!  Because of illness and death in my immediate family, I have gotten so far behind that I am totally buried in updates and email. PLEASE accept my sincere apologies and the promise that it will NOT happen again. Believe it or not, I have close to THREE THOUSAND unopened emails. I have TRIED to go back and make a dent in these, but find that it's just not possible. Some of these emails include new Methadone Anonymous (MA) meetings and/or updates. IF you have written to me (or and have not heard back or seen your updates, PLEASE email me again.

However, the majority of email is from patients on Medication Assisted Treatment....asking for support, information, etc. I have ALWAYS answered every single email in the past and I hope to continue that policy. I also have a few volunteers that are knowledgeable that are helping with email and could sure use more. IF you have been a MAT patient or pain patient for awhile and are personally educated or a CMA, etc. and would like to help....please contact me in email.

Again....thanks for your patience and understanding and hoping that you'll continue to check back and see our updates soon! Thanks.......


Check out our URGENT ISSUES page for yet another advocacy alert from the American Pain Foundation. It deals with Paula Abdul’s struggle with pain and her interview that appears in the June issue of Ladies' Home Journal. Once again they can really use our help and support!


Be sure to catch the article in ADAW's newsletter about Senator Rockefeller's proposed legislation to regulate Methadone!


4/5/09  -  GAO Report on Methadone-Associated Overdose Deaths

The long awaited GAO Report on Methadone-Associated Overdose Deaths was finally released this week. You can find the report in it's entirety on our URGENT ISSUES page.....or just click on the logo below. You can't miss it.....once you get to the page you'll see the same logo.....

4/10/09....On the same page you'll also find a Special Action Request from the American Pain Foundation to submit a letter to your Senator urging their co-sponsorship of Senate bill, S. article about Obama's new choice for the post of Deputy Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy...and so much more! Keep checking back as there are so many issues on the forefront as we speak.


Saturday, February 28, 2009, Kristina Phelps...aka..."Lilolme" lost her long fight with Hepatitis C and liver cancer. Kristina was a tireless advocate for Medication Assisted Treatment, made a wonderful video called "Finding Normal", which you can find on our Advocacy Page, along with an article about Kristina. She will be missed by one and all.

Here is her obit from the Daily independent News.....

Kristina Phelps

Kristina Leigh Phelps, 35, of Louisa, died Saturday in St. Mary’s Medical Center in Huntington, W.Va. She was born May 1, 1973, in Louisa.
A graveside service will be at 2 p.m. today at Setser Cemetery in Fallsburg.
There is no visitation.
Young Funeral Home in Louisa is in charge of arrangements.

12/29/08  -  DON'T HAVE ANY PLANS FOR NEW YEARS EVE??!! you do! We're having a New Year's Eve marathon get-together in our chatroom here at MSO! Our wonderful Methadone Anonymous Director, Melissa Wann, came up with the idea and put this all together...THANKS, MEL!! There will be volunteers there from 8:00am on New Year's Eve morning....all the way into the wee hours of morning New Year's day! No worries about drunk drivers here! To get there you can either click on Support Chatroom from the menu, or just click on Santa and go directly there!   

From Mel, myself and all of us at MSO....have fun and be safe....and wishing you much happiness, GOOD HEALTH and everything good in the coming New Year!



2008 World AIDS Day

The 1st of December, World AIDS Day, is the day when individuals and organizations from around the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic. 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Whilst we have come a long ways since 1988, there is still much more to be done.

World AIDS Day 2008 materials are available online. Click here to download resources.

On a personal note, and the reason this website and answering email is so far behind is because my mother passed away on 11/11/08. Please bear with me as I get my head back together. You WILL get an answer to your email ASAP! And I am updating the website a little at a time. My mother was my best friend, support system, my confidante and the list goes on. Right now it seems impossible that life will go on without her. She was an awesome person...She will be remembered fondly by everyone for her "Jewish soulfood" her loving and caring nature, and sense of humor. Rest in peace, are sooooooo missed!

Beverly Sholiton, 1930-2008

11/04/08  -  GET OUT AND VOTE!!

Don't forget to get out and vote today, folks! It is soooooo important and your G-d given right!

10/03/08  -  GREAT NEWS & BAD NEWS!

I received this wonderful news today from Pat Taylor of Faces & Voices of Recovery...

"Just wanted to let you know that the Wellstone-Domenici bill passed as part of the Economic Stabilization Act on a vote of 263-171. We'll be sending out more information, but wanted to let you know about this important victory that will begin to end insurnace discrimination facing people with addiction.

Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) spoke briefly shortly before the vote, honoring Rep. Jim Ramstad (R-MN) for all of his efforts on behalf of people with addiciton and mental illness. Thanks so much for all of your hard work to make this happen!

All the best,


There's so much going on right now, folks! Some states are facing no funding for substance abuse treatment. That means that the THOUSANDS of patients that are on MMT and having their treatment paid by Medicaid are at risk of losing this! That said, PLEASE be sure to keep checking our URGENT ISSUES! page! There are many things that YOU can help with. Go read about the PATH ACT.   YOUR help is NEEDED!


Hey, lol...that rhymed!  Just a reminder that we are in the midst of RECOVERY MONTH for 2008! There's still time to plan a little something, and don't forget to send me the info so I can put it on our RECOVERY MONTH - 2008 page! I just got finished adding a few more events. Texas seems to be the state this year for our page...go see what I'm talking about!    C'mon you other states!


As our "regulars" know by now, updates to this website run fast and furious! Until now, other than checking in daily and clicking on every page of this rather large site, there hasn't been an easier way to do it.

I am in the midst of placing these little "updaters" on many of our pages. All you need to do is fill in your email, "ok" and you will given a small form to fill-out where you input the address of whatever page you're interested in. Like everything else, sigh....I believe you have to register the first time and then after that you'll be automatically notified when there are any changes to that page.

Be notified of
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I'm guessing there's no way of just having one on the homepage that will let you know if any page on the website has been updated. However, if you happen to know of one, lol...let me know!

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for being soooooo far behind in email. MSO is one of the busier advocacy organizations on the internet...and as such our email is increasing at alarming rates, lol. Where I used to be able to answer email almost immediately, we are now receiving so much email that most times it is impossible to do that. BUT...please know that I WILL answer each and every email ....hopefully sooner than later. We are fortunate to have so many knowledgable members at MSO and if I can't get back to of our members will!

7/30/08  -  VERY SAD NEWS

There's just no easy way to say this. Dr. Marc Kleinman lost his fight with cancer and passed away in his sleep Monday night. There are so many wonderful things to say about Dr. Marc....he's been a great friend, associate and mentor. Not just to me, but everyone he came into contact evidenced by our Get Well Book and the 100's of heartfelt messages that were left.

I have started a memorial page for Dr. Marc, with a condolence book to sign and other Dr. Marc related things. PLEASE come and leave a message....

Dr. Marc Kleinman - Memorial Page

Dr. Marc will be missed by so many.

7/17/08  -  RECOVERY MONTH 2008!!

It's about that time of year again. Every year in September we celebrate Recovery Month. This year the theme is, "Join the Voices for Recovery - Real People, Real Recovery". Click on the banner below to see our Recovery Month 2008 page.....

I will be adding new things all the time and HOPE that everyone will drop me an email ( and give me the info for your Recovery Month celebrations! I could also use some suggestions of things that you think would fit well or one would like to announce, etc. for this page.



The Vancouver Area Network of Drugs Users (VANDU)
is a group of users and former users who work to improve
the lives of people who use illicit drugs through
user-based peer support and education.

CONGRATULATIONS to VANDU on their 10 year anniversary! You can celebrate with them on July 19th!

READ MORE on our EVENTS page

Wishing all of you a very safe and happy holiday weekend!!!!



Wow...The advocacy page is one of our newer pages here and cannot believe how fast it is filling in! As promised we now have an article written by Kristina Phelps, aka "liloleme" that tells how methadone has effected her life and what led to the video that most of us have seen by now (below and on the advocacy page)....Finding Normal. AATOD and DANYA International released yet another video recently on YouTube, called The Joy of Being Normal, which you will also find.

There's an article about Charles "Hoss" Kitts, super advocate, administrator of one of the busier support forums, We Speak Methadone and my good friend....and much more to come! As always, if you would like to suggest someone or even write an article yourself, I would be happy to add it to the mix! This page will be a good example of how methadone SAVES the more faces/people that we add the better. I know that when I'm commenting on so many of the articles, posts, etc. that the anti methadone groups leave all over the's a great tool to point back to!

I hope that everyone is having a very safe and happy Memorial Day! Let's not forget the real meaning of this holiday....remember our soldiers when you are grilling out!


As if Sharon's resume isn't already overflowing, lol.....she can now add Rhode Island's Substance Abuse Provider of the Year as her latest honor!

Sharon being presented her award at RI's State House


No, you aren't going crazy !! If you surfed your way to the "Methadone Anonymous World Services" website and found yourself here at MSO after clicking on their menu, it is not a mistake! Since MA "Support" (MSO) and MA World Services are the same anyway...we've just kind of combined the two websites and integrated the support forums to here. Unfortunately, the "spambots" got a hold of their forums and posted some very nasty things (to put it mildly, lol). Sooooo....welcome to Fred Christie and the gang at MA World Services! Have a good look around and then be sure to register on our support forums.  ENJOY!

4/05/08  -  A MUST SEE VIDEO!!!!

by Kristina ("liloleme")

The filmaker of this AWESOME video is Kristina, a methadone patient and known on the Methadone Support Forums here and at We Speak Methadone as "liloleme". I am hoping to write an article about Kristina for our Advocacy Page in the near future and will announce it here.

Kristina, thanks so much for this fantastic video!!!!

3/06/08  -  IT PASSED!!!!

Making History! The US House of Representatives moves us one step closer to victory in the fight against insurance discrimination!!!  Yesterday the US House of Representatives voted overwhelming to approve the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act, H.R. 1424 by 268-148.

The historic vote came on the heels of a national mobilization in support of the bill by people in recovery from addiction, their families, friends and allies.
There was a tremendous outpouring of thousands of calls to members of the House yesterday. Thanks for all of your advocacy!

Here's a statement from Faces & Voices' board chair, Merlyn Karst, about the victory.

"The Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007 is the right solution to ending insurance discrimination facing people with alcohol and drug problems and their families," said Merlyn Karst, chair of the Faces & Voices of Recovery Board of Directors. "We urge the Congress to come together and hammer out the differences between the strong bill that the House passed today and the Senate-passed version of the "parity" legislation, S. 558. Now the hard work of addressing the disparities in the two versions begins. The American public is desperate for the strongest possible bill to reach the White House this year to end the discrimination that's keeping people with addiction from getting the help they need."

We'll keep you posted about next steps, but wanted to let you know the good news and thank you for all of your advocacy!




Thanks to all of your advocacy, the U.S. House of Representatives is going to vote on a bill to end insurance discrimination facing people with mental illness and addiction. Until now, the House leadership has never let this bill come up for an up-or-down vote. A vote could come as early as next Wednesday, March 5th.

Please mark your calendar to call your U.S. Representative next Tuesday. We need your help to secure a strong bi-partisan vote of support in the House. After that, House and Senate negotiators will need to quickly iron out the differences between their bills so that a strong bill can be signed into law this year. We will be sending out call-in information next Monday.

Growing Congressional support for enactment of H.R. 1424, the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act comes after hearings before three House committees in 2007 and field hearings across the country by champions Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) and Jim Ramstad (R-MN).

We need your help to keep the heat on when the bill comes to the floor of the House. We know that the American public supports this law, which is an important step in getting people the help they need to enjoy long-term recovery from addiction.

2/26/08  -  URGENT ISSUES!!

We have added yet another page to our MSO website. However...unlike most of our other pages, it is NOT my pleasure to introduce this one. URGENT ISSUES! will be a page where IMMEDIATE concerns for the Medication Assisted Treatment community will be placed. As many of you know, the state of Indiana is at risk of having HORRIBLE restrictions placed on it's clinics....and Pennsylvania might be soon to follow, sigh.

You might have read below in my "blog" here....that last May a city in Northern Indiana put up a billboard that read, METHADONE KILLS. This was an entirely different story and we were able to have that billboard changed. (SEE)

Now there is yet another billboard that has gone up, and again in Indiana. Unfortunately, this time the billboard will not be changed. Please know that we are working HARD on this issue and hope to have some billboards of our own up soon that tell how Methadone SAVES lives!

At this point let me all of the nice people that have sent me their personal recovery stories, as well as artwork, poems, etc. for our other pages. I am hoping that someday soon, I will again have time for the webwork to put up NICE things on this website. It seems that all of my time lately has been devoted to fighting for our very lives! Sound dramatic? I only wish I were exaggerating. Another advocate and I were talking yesterday about how it hasn't been that long ago that we were fighting for things like OBOT! Now...we'll be lucky if we're able to drive ourselves to the clinic.

Happier times, folks.......Carol

1/14/08  -  RECOVERY RADIO!!

Yours truly is going to be on the radio!! It will be Tuesday evening, February 5th...and I'll let you know the exact time. (just a tad nervous  )

Come read all about it on our Advocacy page and then go to the Events page where you will find a weekly schedule of the shows. Be sure to check in often as they have some very cool shows that I'm certain you'll enjoy! I am very excited to add yet another cool feature to our MSO pages!!

The show was fun and went well!
For your listening pleasure....

HOUR #1           HOUR #2

Thanks, Larry W.!!
Founder, Recovery Talk Network

12/12/07  -  Dr. Marc Kleinman....our "Dr. Marc"

This is normally where I would put my goofy New Years greeting...and altho I wish each and every one of you a WONDERFUL, happy and HEALTHY New Year, I have some sad news that I need to share with you.

It wasn't too long ago that I was writing a post to congratulate Dr. Marc Kleinman, our Dr. Marc, on winning the Marie award at this past AATOD conference in San Diego. I received some very sad news about my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Marc the other day. He has recently been diagnosed with brain and lung cancer and will soon be starting radiation treatment. Dr. Marc Kleinman is a man loved by everyone that comes into contact with him. People that have been coming to this website know him as, "Dr. Marc - The REAL Deal". He has had a forum/page here since we opened this website where he answers support to anyone that takes the time to reach out to him. He has done this anonymously the entire time, never wanting to take any credit....even tho his schedule has always been crazy busy...he has ALWAYS made time to be here.

Well, now...he's ill and will be FIGHTING like hell! I thought it would be nice if we could give back a little something to him. I've started a GET WELL BOOK for him, and I am hoping that you will all stop by and sign it....leave a few words for him. Someone will make certain that they copy and print all of the messages and that they get to Dr. Marc.

Just click on either the image or link below....

Dr. Marc is hopeful, ready for a fight, and has kept his sense of humor, but rightfully, very scared. The prognosis is very guarded...and I will update you as we go....more than likely at our Community of Support Forums.


Click me for news!

When stopping by MSO, we hope that you know by now to be sure and look around because there's always something new! Our Methadone News page is updated constantly and we now have a few new "departments" there as well. Check out Dr. Andrew Byrne's, "Letters to My Colleagues", our newest addition! Of course we still have our oldies but goodies...Dr. Payte's Wonderful Letters, Interesting Stuff, Canadian Advocacy and lots of great articles. As always, if you see something that you think would be a good fit on any of our pages, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Thanks so much for sending in and sharing your personal recovery stories and artwork for the Creative Recovery page. Per usual, I am running behind, but I promise to get each item on the website ASAP! The same goes for email, I'm afraid, the busier we get (I am NOT complaining, lol)...the further behind I get. Rest assured that every single letter is read and will be answered...hopefully sooner than later!

A very special thanks to Zenith, Laura Conners and Melissa Wann...for always being available to lend a helping hand, don't know what I would do without them! Our Online MA and support meetings are getting very busy, so be sure to stop by! Melissa is in the Support Chatroom each and every evening.

It's hard to believe that we will soon be starting a new year...time seems to be flying by! The 2007 International Drug Policy Reform conference just concluded a couple of days ago in New Orleans and we're still adding things to the 2007 AATOD Forum, from the conference in San Diego this past October. Soon we'll be getting ready for the 2008 Harm Reduction Conference in Barcelona, Spain! Do you have an event that you'd like showcased on our website? You know the drill...drop me a line! ;o)


I am just on my LAST nerve with all the negative media recently about Methadone....for addiction OR pain!!! Everywhere I look it's articles, videos, etc. telling everyone that "Methadone KILLS"!

Most recently is a Fox News Story out of Philadelphia, with a VIDEO. The video was taken outside of a methadone clinic in Camden New Jersey...and it is AWFUL. It shows patients walking out of the clinic and selling their doses and the people that bought them drinking them on the spot. Sigh...yet another sensational, negative story about Methadone! They show the few "bad eggs"...and never ever report that MOST methadone patients are just like anyone else...have families, jobs, homes, etc....are in RECOVERY...doing what they are supposed to.

Even on "myspace", the anti-methadone faction are posting buttons that say, "no more DEATHS"...and a line thru Methadone. So you know me by now, lol...I made a button of my own to leave as many places as possible. Anyone is welcome to use it...can get the "codes" and image on our BANNER PAGE.

On the one above...I embedded the link to this website, so that people can come here and look around. There's things on almost every page that show how we patients really are...especially the "faces project" on our Advocacy page. But feel free to embed whatever you would like!

I think it's TIME, people. We MUST start turning all this negativity around!...and we need to stick together to do it....power in numbers! Any suggestions would be welcome and much appreciated! Just drop me a line!

Part II of Video

11/10/07 - GOOD NEWS IN NEPAL!   

FINALLY!!...some GOOD news....even if it is on the other side of the world! As you know, I was contacted by an advocate in the Kingdom of Nepal, in the last couple of months. They were struggling to open a Methadone Clinic, and being met with much opposition. After I placed a few articles on this website, even *I* received "hate mail"...real nasty stuff.

HOWEVER...I recently heard from my contact, Bijay Pandey, that the methadone clinic WILL be opening!!!!!

Unfortunately, there hasn't been a great deal of good news here in the United States recently regarding Methadone Treatment, but we can certainly celebrate with our brothers and sisters in Nepal!

Here is the message I received from Mr. Pandey...the WONDERFUL advocate that contacted me with this story...

Bijay Pandey

"Dear Carol -  Finally we did it!
The MMT program has been launched in Nepal from 30th October 2007.
Thanks to you that you provided us with moral support and guidance."


READ MORE! - "GREAT update for Nepal"

10/23/07 - THE 2007 AATOD CONFERENCE!

Well, instead of being at the conference and reporting back, I was not able to attend at the very last minute. My mother decided to take a nose dive onto her head and is in the hospital. However, Melissa Wann (MSO's MA Director) has taken over my role and is doing a FANTASTIC job! The 2007 AATOD FORUM is off to a great start! It will be a work in progress for weeks to come, so be sure to check back often! There's a wonderful audio interview with Christopher Kennedy Lawford (actor, speaker, writer) that you will not want to miss....and so much more to come!

Melissa is already putting me to shame with all the terrific interviews. However, we urge ALL that went to the conference to stop by the AATOD Forum and say a few words about it....purty please? Click on the image below to go directly to our community of support forums. You won't be able to miss the AATOD Forum!


The 2006 AATOD Forum is still there and continues to get traffic to this day!

09/18/07 - OUR "DR. MARC" & THE MARIE AWARD!

We are sooooo excited to announce that our very own "Dr. Marc" is a recipient of this year's Marie Award! The Marie Award is one of the most prestigious honors that someone in our field can get and we are so very proud of Dr. Marc.

"Dr. Marc" is Dr. Marc Kleinman, Regional Administrator/Clinical Director for Operation PAR clinics in Florida. We are honored to have him on MSO's Board of Advisors and soon to be Board of Directors. His forum here at our website, "Dr. Marc, The Real Deal" has helped countless people and he continues to be one of MY personal heroes and mentor!

He quite simply is... THE REAL DEAL!

Congratulations, Dr. Marc!!!!

See MORE...about Dr. Marc and the Marie Award.


The Kingdom of Nepal is on the verge of TRYING to start a Methadone Program, but are running into opposition from the "abstinent pundits".   Sound familiar? Seems to be one unfortunate commonality that we ALL seem to be facing, sigh.

Read more about The Kingdom of Nepal and their fight on our Methadone Advocacy and  Methadone Around the World  pages. See what you can do to help.

09/13/07 - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

An important message and request from Faces and Voices of Recovery:

There’s been an important development in our efforts to secure passage of the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act, H.R. 1424.

As you know, there aren’t that many weeks left in this session of Congress and our goal has been to get the House to pass the bill as quickly as possible. We have been working with allied organizations to organize a National Call-in Day to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and have just learned that it will be next Tuesday, September 18th There’s a toll-free number that people will be able to use to call her office.

We’ve put together the attached flyer that you can distribute through your recovery community organization or as part of your Recovery Month observances. We’ve asked organizations that are participating in Rally for Recovery! on Saturday to distribute the flyer at those events.

People, I've put the FAVOR announcement/flyer on our   EVENT'S PAGE.   Please check it out and pass along the information!


09/13/07 - SAN DIEGO!

YAY!!!! The AATOD Conference is around the corner, and this time it's in San Diego! The dates are, October 20 - 24, 2007. For more details about the conference, see our  EVENT'S PAGE.... and/or click on the logo below to go directly to the AATOD website.

Melissa Wann, our MA director, Sharon Dembinski, our Methadone Pregnancy expert and myself will be there from MSO...and we are all looking forward to seeing those of you that are going! We will once again be reporting from and about the conference as we did the last time in Atlanta....for those that could not attend. Now that we know what more to expect, the forum should be even greater than before!   (2006 AATOD FORUM)

We will have further announcements and links to the 2007 AATOD FORUM. There will be more workshops, seminars, interviews from key people, exibitors, etc. and everyone's favorite...lots of new photos!


It's about that time again! On September 15, 2007 recovery community organizations and our allies will be hosting walks, rallies and other events to put a face and a voice on recovery and mobilize support for policies like the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007 (H.R. 1424) that support recovery. Over 50 events have been organized this year! Click on the logo below and read all about it!

Last year we had a page with local parties and events that people submitted, and I would like to do the same this year! Just drop me a line.


Well, I had planned all sorts of festivities for the time when our Support Forums reached it's 1,000th member. Because when you think about it, it's quite a feat for the short time we've been open! But you know what they say about "best laid plans, sigh. People were registering fast and furious and I didn't notice until tonight...that we now have 1,030 members, woooops!

HOWEVER, better late than never, I always say! Soooo...without further delay...The WINNER of MSO's 1,000th member on the community of Support Forums is (CLICK HERE FOR FANFAIR)......


Congrats, Lost Soul!!

Your brand new red Porche will be delivered next week! (lol)

08/20/07 - MA Meetings Galore!

Looking for a Methadone Anonymous meeting where you live? Be sure to check out our MEETING PAGE! Recent additions have been, Arkansas, Deleware, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey...and more! If you have an existing MA or support meeting that is not listed, PLEASE, PLEASE, sure to send me the info! It doesn't have to be strictly MA....if you would like any support meeting listed, just drop me a line with the information.

07/24/07 - New MSO Representative in the UK!

I would also like to welcome our new MSO representative in the UK! Philip Field has been a wonderful advocate for many years as well as active in Harm Reduction arena. Often times we have people stop by with questions having to do with the UK that I am not able to answer and Philip is the perfect person to contact! His email address is... He is also part of our Advisory Board here at MSO.

Welcome Philip, and thanks!


The 2007 International Hard Reduction Conference was held this year in Waraw and has recently come to an end. We have gotten a few reports and photos from different people and organizations that attended the conference and they are now being added to our events page. I will be adding new things as they come in so please check back often! If you attended the conference and would like to add anything, just drop me a line!


Recent overdose deaths involving Methadone had prompted Kosciusko County officials in Indiana to erect a graphic billboard warning residents of the potentially fatal consequences of abusing the drug.

We of the methadone community have been a little more than upset since we were made aware of this billboard. Methadone SAVES lives for the majority of those that use it correctly and we felt the poster was very misleading. That said....the methadone billboard WILL be changed starting Thursday or Friday of next week!

I spoke this morning to a marketing representative for Bowen Center, a community mental health agency that services Northern Indiana. They specialize in anything to do with mental health...including Chemical Dependency. You can see in the photo above their name and toll free telephone number. The gentleman that I spoke with told me that this particular area of Kosciusko County where the billboard is has had more than a few deaths associated with Methadone. He said the deaths weren't so much from Methadone by itself, but combinations where Methadone was involved. The Indiana Health Department wanted to do something to warn people of the potential dangers. Their intent was good, but it was worded incorrectly. He went on to say that they are NOT "anti methadone" under any circumstances....that they know that Methadone is a wonderful medication for addiction or pain when used CORRECTLY. The verbage on the poster was not meant for "correct users", he said. Due to our "awesome and quick feedback" (his exact words, lol)...they will be correcting the wording to make a "clearer message".

So...on the new front of "Methadone Kills" it will say, "ABUSE OF" it will read, "Abuse of Methadone Kills". Further down...where it now says, "The use of Methadone can lead to respiratory depression, coma and death"...they will add verbage that is more explicit  - like..."The Health Department warns that INCORRECT usage and abuse CAN lead to"...and the rest. There will be more billboards over the next 30 days for this campaign, but the new billboards will all reflect the new changes.

I got the impression from talking to this man that this campaign is definitely NOT anti methadone. Their intention was to bring attention to this problem and stop the abuse....and they got a little carried away. They were very forthcoming and had no problem speaking to me at length about everything. The billboard is still more disturbing than I would care to see, but I am happy that they are working to correct it's impact.

04/09/07 - I'M LIKE A PROUD MAMA!

If you hadn't noticed...we've added a couple of new logos at the very top of this homepage! I am very proud and excited to announce that Methadone Support Org (MSO), is the newest member of SAMHSA / CSAT'S (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment) Patient Support and Community Education Project (PSCEP) !!   Maaan...that's a mouthful!  ;o)

PSCEP            Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

In September 2000, the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment brought together the leading national patient support and education organizations for a 2 day meeting to discuss the escalation of opioid dependency and the stigma associated with its related medication-assisted treatments. Through this effort, the Methadone Patient Support and Community Methadone Education Project was formed. The goal of the Project is to address the need for patient support and family education regarding the disease of opioid addiction and the highly effective medication-assisted treatments like methadone and buprenorphine.

The goal being to remove the stigma from opioid agonist medication-assisted treatments like methadone and buprenorphine, so that treatment for the disease of addiction can be a life saving choice, not a life long sentence.

As the founder of MSO, I am HONORED to be part of this wonderful project and to be working along side the other wonderful organizations in a group that I have always respected.

As always, be sure to check out ALL the other pages on the menu as I will be updating the website all week!


Our own Dr. Payte had coronary bypass surgery today, 4/5/07. We all wish him a very speedy recovery! If you would like to wish him well, we have a thread going on our community of support forums...which I will see that he gets. Dr. Payte, our prayers and good thoughts are with you!

Dr. Thomas Payte

Leave Dr. Payte a Message


Honestly?  --  there are so many things going on, that I'm not sure where to start!  I guess I'll just start typing and it will all blather forth, lol!

First of all,  there's a PRESS RELEASE from Mark Parrino and Dan McGill of AATOD.    It's on our Methadone News page and is a must read! (take my word for it, you will NOT be able to miss it, lol)   "Methadone Treatment: Medicine Saving Lives, Not Ending Them" can say that again!!

On March 15-18, Watch HBO's groundbreaking series - ADDICTION.  In an unprecedented partnership,  Join Together, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA),  and Faces & Voices of Recovery are uniting to help communities make the most of a powerful opportunity to bring the message of addiction treatment and recovery to millions of Americans.  Come read all about it on our ANNOUNCEMENTS/EVENTS page!  ...Come list YOUR house party!!  Then go to the METHADONE NEWS page and read how you can help by inviting your state's lawmakers!

Please help get the word out!!

Come meet Rokki Baker!!    ...  CMA extraordinaire and all around cool lady, with the rest of the MMTer's on our new ADVOCACY page!

There are new MA meetings, personal RECOVERY STORIES of courage, hope and achievement. We have new and talented people showcased on our CREATIVE RECOVERY page and be sure to check out our HCV/HIV Page, for information on this year's National Hepatitis Awareness Month for 2007!

As a matter of fact, there is soooo much new  -  that if you go down the menu on the left...and click on every button, that is the ONLY way you'll be able to see it all!

Don't forget to drop me a line...send all of your stories, artwork, advocacy work, houseparties, ideas etc.!!

'Til next time......Carol


Methadone Support Org's Sharon Dembinski, MS, RNP, CMA,  and the moderator of our Methadone Pregnancy Information site,   has recently joined Discovery House,   a Rhode Island based Opiate Treatment Provider with 15 clinics in 5 states.   Sharon's background as an expert in pregnancy, methadone and the newborn, developer of the Mother's On Methadone (MOM) Program at Kent Hospital in RI... as well as her advocacy work will bring a unique perspective to Discovery House and MMT.   Sharon's goal is to work with Discovery House in their efforts to provide excellent, high quality patient care.   She will continue to offer education and support to expectant, opioid dependent patients across the country through Methadone Support Org's Methadone Pregnancy Information site and will also continue as coordinator of the MOM Program at Kent Hospital.

Congratulations, Sharon....way to go!!

01/04/07 - HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2007!!!!

WOW...and what a year it has been!!    Ready or not, here we are to start a brand NEW YEAR!! There will be lots of new things going on with Methadone Support Org. (MSO) this year, and we can hardly wait to sink our teeth in!   As always, take a good look around the website as there are new things on almost each and every single page!

We are starting the year off with a brand new page on the website, called, ADVOCACY ! We're VERY excited about this new page and project....what started out as just a little section on our Methadone News page, has now gotten large enough to start it's very own page. This is a page where we're REALLY going to need the help of the community.    There just can't be too many articles, projects etc. for this page, so PLEASE..drop me an email with submissions, suggestions and G-d forbid complaints, lol??    There is one project in particular that I KNOW you're going to want to take a look at! It shows the faces of people on Medication Assisted Treatment...that we are functioning, thriving people like anyone else!    Click on the icon below and it will take you to our new page where you can see this wonderful project!

The new year also brings exciting news for our Buprenorphine (Suboxone) physician's can FINALLY have more new patients! Read all about it on the Bup page!

Now for a favor, please?   We could really use your help in our Support Chatroom.    People are stopping by hoping to talk to another human being and for some reason I just don't seem to be able to be there day and night, lol. If you could just take a look at that page briefly, I explain how you can help.

(LOL!! Sorry, just could not resist)


A very familiar name to this organization/website is Sharon Dembinski. Sharon is our pregnancy guru and my personal hero, but in case you're one of the few that has not seen or heard me telling the world about Sharon......she is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, NAMA Certified Methadone Advocate and Lead Developer of the Program "Mother's on Methadone" (MOM) at Kent Hospital in Rhode Island. well as practices at the Discovery House clinics also in Rhode Island in her "spare" time! She also has our Methadone Pregnancy Info and Support page here at the website. Yikes.....did someone say "spare time", lol???

That being said.....on with the alert. Sharon recently discovered an error in TIP 43 on morphine dosing for the treatment of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). She alerted CSAT one month ago to this potential danger and the following is their response/alert. I would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank Sharon for her hard work ......making this her life's passion! Had Sharon not found this error....or....."typo" infant's lives could have been lost.   THANK YOU, SHARON!!!


10/09/06 - TONS OF NEW STUFF!!

Please give yourself a few minutes to look around the website. In the past couple of days I have added a TREMENDOUS amount of particular on our Methadone News & Info page! There are more warnings listed as well as a new area for advocacy. If you have an advocacy project or have done anything that you'd like to report on the website, we'd love to have it.....just email me. Be sure to check out the Announcement/Events page as well, and the same goes here, if you have an event or announcement you would like displayed on this website, just give me a scream. In the next day or so there will be MA meetings added, artwork and so much more!

10/01/06 - "METHADONIA -- One Year Later!"

Well, it's been about a year since the documentary, "Methadonia" first aired on HBO. There was much controversy in the methadone and substance abuse community and we invited Mr. Negroponte to join us at our community of support discuss his film and answer questions. (see the Methadonia Page for a recap.) The event started off rough.... but it didn't take long before each "side" was understanding and learning more about the other.

Methadonia has recently been released on DVD and with it is an extra....."Methadone and Addiction 101". It shows some Methadone success stories and some of the key people in the recovery community.

Michel Negroponte

Our first event went so well that Mr. Negroponte stayed one month instead of the week that we planned, lol! On October 15th, 2006, Mr. Negroponte will be back for a repeat see what's happened in the year since the film was released. We'd love for you all to come over to our community of support forums, register and participate! Everyone seems to really enjoy when we have a guest on the forums and we'd like to do it alot more often. If you have any suggestions of who you might like to see/hear, please drop me a line. If you would like to be a guest and have something you would like to talk about.....same thing....drop me a line!

Hope to see everyone.....don't forget to mark it on your calender! I am also going to be sending out a mailer and would appreciate you letting your friends know!

**Have a good look around the website....I have been and will be adding TONS of new things on most of the pages!**

8/20/06 - RECOVERY MONTH - 2006.....

September is right around the corner and with it comes yet another RECOVERY MONTH! This is such an exciting time of the year for the recovery commuity, and I don't know about you, but I just love hearing about all the different acitivities happening all over the country in honor of it. So it comes as no surprise that I have added another new page especially for it, lol.

Come and visit our newest addition (lol...almost wrote "addiction").... RECOVERY 2006!! I would love to be able to add YOUR acitivities, flyers, etc. to this page, so PLEASE drop me a line ASAP!

8/12/06 - ON A VERY SAD NOTE.....

Dr. Vincent P. Dole in 1983

As most of the substance abuse community knows by now, Dr. Vincent Dole, "The Father of Methadone Maintenance", passed away at the beginning of the month (August). Many in the community corresponded back and forth......shared memories.....found comfort in each other. A few had mentioned having something available where one could sign a book in Dr. Dole's memory....share a few words. Although I never had the honor of personally meeting Dr. Dole, I made a page on my webisite in his memory......with a Condolence Book that I am hoping everyone will take advantage of and sign.


I would also like to add things to this page and would most appreciate any suggestions.  (email: )


Well....what started out as a chatroom for Methadone Anonymous meetings has turned into so much more! What we didn't realize was that people were coming into the chatroom 24/7....around the clock...looking for some help/support...another human being to talk to. We have gotten some people in real pain. We are TRYING to have people watch the chatroom in different shifts so we can help these folks and can really use YOUR help!

It's quite easy, actually....if you happen to be on the computer playing...working...posting...just open another browser window with the chatroom link in it. When somebody new comes into the makes a noise and you can click back to that window and hopefully help! We also have alot of fun and have even been getting a crowd now and then! We continue to have meetings every Saturday night at 7:30PM....Eastern Standard Time. If you can't get there early...not to worry...sometimes we're there until the wee hours, lol!


On another note...the 2006 AATOD Conference has come and gone! Don't forget to come check out the AATOD Conference Forum (see below)! It continues to be a work in progress as there will be more interviews and even pictures from the conference! That's all for now, safe and well!


The 2006 AATOD Methadone Conference will be in Atlanta, GA this year...4/22 - 4/26! I am PSYCHED because THIS year I will actually be representing my own organization, Methadone Support Org!! I am being sent to report on all the happenings and will then be reporting back to the community of support forums right here on this website! I will be doing this several times a day, so that those who were not able to attend this year....can get an idea of what's going on!

Soooooo...if you REALLY wanted to go this year and just couldn't make it, come to the AATOD 2006 Forum and check it out! We're going to try and report on as many hot topics, workshops etc....even try interviewing some interesting folks! Feel free to post in that forum as well...we'd love to hear from you! I'm off to Atlanta, see you at the forums!!


There are so many cool things to announce....that I don't know where to start first! (somehow I always manage, lol)

I am so proud and grateful to announce our new....
Methadone Pregnancy Info page! We have so many people coming to the site looking for information since Sharon Dembinski of the "MOM" Program has joined us. This will be a WONDERFUL place to get information, feedback and some much needed SUPPORT. We are very fortunate to have Sharon with us here...THANKS, Sharon!

As alot of you know, the annual AATOD conference is around the corner now. This year it will be in Atlanta...April 22 - April 26th. You can find more information on our Announcement/Events page. For those of you that are not able to attend, we will be doing something new this year! I will be attending the conference, equipped with my trusty laptop computer and will be reporting back each and every day to this website. I will be interviewing some of the key people, telling about the workshops and all the cutting edge Methadone news! I will be talking about it more as it approaches. I AM PSYCHED!!

Our first Methadone Support Org. get-together was held in our CHATROOM a couple of weeks ago. We had a fair amount of people show up and will be announcing more support meetings all the time now. Be sure to check on our community of support forums for announcements. We will be trying to have them every week at the same time. It was really great to finally chat with some of you!

Per usual....keep checking the website in the next few days for LOTS of updates and additions on all of our pages!


Be there or be square, lol!! PLEASE, try and attend our first Methadone Support Org. get-together! Not only do I think we'll have alot of fun...but we will be trying to schedule some much needed and requested online support meetings! We need all of you to be there so we can determine the best days and times for everyone!

March 11th, 2006
7:30 EST
click on "online meetings" from the menu at the left

Check out our announcements/events page for an important message from Faces & Voices of Recovery, please. I have TONS more things to update, but will have to save it for another day as my father is in the hospital and I don't have the time....ok....the ENERGY, lol, right now! Thanks to all of you for your continued support of this organization and website. You all ROCK!


WOW -- it took forever but I've once again managed to bring this ole website back up to date! There are new recovery stories, more listings of local MA/MARS meetings, new resources, more methadone news, events and announcements and I've even added another brand new page for those that would like to link to us. Be sure to check out our new BANNER PAGE

By popular demand we now have a DETOX/TAPER Forum --- Be sure to check it out! Of course, all the boards in our community of support forums are hopping!

There's a survey on the Methadone News page that the wonderful people at "Faces and Voices of Recovery" would appreciate all recovery advocates fill out. Please...let your voice be heard!

Well...I figure better late than never, eh?

Wishing you all a very happy and HEALTHY New Year!!

11/22/05 - COULD IT BE???

I can't believe it, but for the moment...I seem to actually be all caught up!

Aaaand away we go!...

Come check out Jim Gillen and the "Codac All Stars" on our CREATIVE RECOVERY page. I am so happy that we are getting more creative talent! This also means that we had to add another page...or our George Clark page, he has submitted yet more very cool stuff!

There's new things on the Methadone Information & News page, a few more announcements on our Events page and an article I know you won't want to miss on our HCV/HIV page, about a new HCV treatment on the horizon!

As usual, I wouldn't be my naggy self if I didn't remind you that we NEED your Methadone Anonymous meetings to list on our Meeting by State page! PLEASE come register on our support forums where the more the merrier!

A very HAPPY and safe THANKSGIVING to all!!!


First an apology for not getting to this update for so long! There is soooo much going on and I need about 10 more hands!

Our time with "Methadonia's", Michel Negroponte was a learning experience for us all! Read the recap of our last month with...

Mr. Negroponte

We have new forums, new meetings, more "creative recovery", new resources...there's something new on each and every page!

Our time with Michel Negroponte has gone so well that we will be having guest speakers as often as possible! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so that I can notify you! (button above menu on left side of page)

--- NEW ---

New screening of Methadonia on 2/7/06 at MAKOR/Steinhardt Center of the 92nd Street Y...check out the "Methadonia Page" for more details.



What a month we have had! A disaster for ALL victims of Hurricane Katrina, but add to that being a patient that is on Medication Assisted Treatment...or taking medication for pain. We cannot even begin to fathom what our brother's and sister's have gone through. We have started a new page that has some really great resources/links (see above). Our community of support forums has been visited by some of the MAT victims of Katrina and we urge more to post if computer access is possible. Hearing first hand what the victims are experiencing has given all of us a real wake-up call. Do YOU know what kind of Disaster Plan YOUR clinic has??

In the middle of the Katrina tragedy we are still celebrating RECOVERY MONTH! Are you or your clinic doing anything special? We'd love to hear about it!

I've spent lots of time updating the website this evening, so be sure to have a look around! We've added more Methadone Anonymous meetings on our Meeting By State page (see menu on left)...more great resources...and come check out what a "Manhole Mandela" is on our "Creative Recovery" page! As always, our community of support forums is running fast and furious with hundreds of members...COME JOIN US!


Yes...we are FINALLY ready to have the online Methadone Anonymous/Support meetings you've all been asking for! The chatroom is in place and we are ready to go! The only thing YOU need to do to get involved is to go to the "ONLINE MEETINGS" page and click on the chatting head! (see below, lol)

That will take you directly to where you need to go to register. In the next few days there will be a schedule posted on that page, so please check back!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out all of our pages! There are new meetings, advocacy announcements and so much more! Be sure to click on our CREATIVE RECOVERY page and see our own "DocJoansie's" handmade glass jewelry. Learn what "Lampworking" is...the jewelry is exquisite!

7/27/05 - WHO'S INVOLVED??

You think I could do all this myself? seems I gravitate to the same wonderful people all the time. Thanks to my new ADVISORY BOARD...I don't know what I would do without them!

As usual, there's new things throughout the website. Be sure to check out our new recovery stories! Keep them coming!

7/17/05 - MORE NEW STUFF!

Each and every day brings more and more people to our community of support forums. We take this very seriously and are always adding new forums and looking for more ways to offer support. We have noticed a trend towards people using Methadone and other opiates for pain treatment. We are also getting more people using Buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) and people looking for information. Soooooo....we have added many new forums in the past couple of weeks!

Come check them out!!

~  Buprenorphine Forum

~  Caregiver's & Loved One's Forum

~  Chronic Pain Forum

There are all kinds of new things on the main website as well! Be sure to check out the Buprenorphine page....there are many new links. We getting new meetings everyday on our meeting the US and Canada! There are new stories of recovery on the "Personal Story" page. Look around because I know I'm missing all kinds of new stuff! Go to the menu on the left and click away!


The entire month of September is Recovery Month! Which means there will be all kinds of things going on! In honor of Recovery Month, Dateline NBC will be having a special show on recovery on July 29, 2005. Come check out the "House Parties" that Faces and Voices of Recovery are recommending on our EVENTS page!

Have you ordered your Recovery Month Toolkit yet? It is filled with ideas to help you plan a local celebration during the month of September. Toolkits may be viewed and ordered online at

7/09/05 - An  OFFICIAL   MA web site!!

Welcome to an "Official Methadone Anonymous web site"!! Folks I only WISH there were 100 other websites supporting Methadone Anonymous....and someday....there will be! And every single one of them will join us, being an OFFICIAL Methadone Anonymous website, LOL! But until then...if you want help with opening an "MA" meeting, you get in touch with us or whomever else you'd like to help... this is YOUR meeting!

7/2/05 - HAPPY JULY!!!

What better way to celebrate summer than to hear stories of hope! Come check out our new page of personal Recovery Stories!  Suzanna...or "Suzi" as we know her from our forums is the first. Thanks so much, Suzi!!

Who's next??  C'mon everyone...we NEED to hear your story!


Everyday I get email about different recovery events. Now we have a new Calender of Events page where I can post everything! Be sure to check it out often!!


Yup...yet another new page! We talk to methadone patients from around the world in our community of support forums here. It is always so fascinating to hear how different AND similar things can be outside of the United States. We have many countries being prepared now for our new page and are always looking for more! We are opening our new page with Sweden...come check it out!

Methadone Treatment Around the World!


Come check out our newest page, "Creative Recovery"! So many of us in recovery use different art outlets and are so talented. We want to show off your artwork here! Writing, painting, photography, music...whatever it may be, we want to see it!


We are THRILLED and honored to have Dr. Marc join us with his very own page, "The Real Deal....with Dr. Marc"! We hear so many different "Methadone Myths" and Dr. Marc will be happy to clear them up! A Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Marc has treated Methadone patients for over 30 years now. Don't forget to visit his page and ask away! Last...thanks so much for emailing and posting your Methadone Anonymous meetings. Buuut...I wouldn't be my naggy self if I didn't add...we need MORE, MORE MORE LISTINGS!!

This website is for YOU - enjoy it and check back often!!

Carol Sholiton...

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